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Foundation Enterprises LLC and The Nicholas Sparks Foundation

Foundation Enterprises, LLC is a New Bern, North Carolina based company formed with the mission of assisting the Nicholas Sparks Foundation to create The Nicholas Sparks Foundation Collection. Working under the exclusive license from, and in conjunction with the Nicholas Sparks Foundation, Foundation Enterprises has been built by Mike Hearne and David Steinhauer, two members of long standing families from the fine jewelry industry whose businesses and service span nearly a collective 150 years: Hearne's Fine Jewelry of New Bern, serving the New Bern and surrounding communities for almost 50 years; and GK Jewelry, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of innovative fine jewelry with a heritage of almost 100 years of manufacturing tradition.

Mike and David have brought their experience, passion, and talented staffs to work with the Nicholas Sparks Foundation to assist with raising money for a cause designed to benefit so many of our young people. We are proud and honored to be affiliated with Nicholas & Cathy Sparks, and the members of their wonderful team.

For more about the Nicholas Sparks Foundation’s work, please visit:

And like all cherished authors whose body of work grows into the future, the Nicholas Sparks Foundation Collection promises these first stories are just the beginning.

Everything that lasts
starts with a good foundation.